Paediatric Care Philosphy


“To provide specialist medical care for your child in a nurturing environment.”


"Through more than 25 years of paediatric medical practice, I have provided care for many different children from a multitude of nationalities and backgrounds.


I believe in working in partnership with my patients and their parents in order to forge a Doctor - Patient/Parent relationship, cemented by mutual trust. In this way, I can better advise and treat your little ones. Too often in Singapore, everything is rushed, including clinic consultations.


At Dr Anita’s Kids Clinic, I provide adequate time to fully evaluate your child, answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. I also provide up-to-date, evidence-based medical advice, and, working together with you, will develop the best possible care plan for your child.

I am committed to taking good care of your child and supporting you in your child’s growth and development.”

Dr Anita Menon

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