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Common childhood illnesses

School entry medical examination

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Childhood Illnesses

We manage common childhood illnesses.

We also diagnose and manage children with rashes, allergies, asthma, bronchitis/bronchiolitis, nutritional and feeding/eating disorders and behavioural / learning difficulties.

We stock and dispense medications directly at our clinic so in most cases, there is no need to make a separate visit to a pharmacy.

new born
New Born Examinations

Your baby can be seen at our clinic following discharge from the maternity hospital to check for any issues that may crop up during the neonatal (first month) period.

We will track your baby’s growth and development, address any feeding issues and discuss immunisations.

If necessary, we can also link you up with lactation nurse specialists.



We offer routine childhood primary vaccinations that are required for Singapore. There are usually monthly to bi-monthly visits for vaccinations in the first 6 months of life. Thereafter, there are longer intervals between vaccination visits.

We also offer optional and travel vaccinations that are not in the Singapore schedule but are recommended in the schedules for other countries e.g. Rotavirus vaccine, Meningococcal B and C vaccines, etc.

Developmental Assessments

Growth percentiles are tracked and developmental assessments are done at various intervals during the first few years.

Any growth and developmental concerns can be addressed and early intervention can be arranged if necessary.


School Entry and Sports Medical Examinations

We conduct medical examinations and complete all necessary forms that are required by your child’s school in order for them to be accepted for admission and to determine their fitness for sports activities.

We also assess if they have completed all necessary vaccinations for school entry in Singapore. We will require records of previous vaccines done in other countries prior to arrival in Singapore as well as records of any vaccines done in Singapore.

Paediatric Travel Clinic

We provide advice on and vaccinations for travel to different countries e.g. Rabies vaccine, Japanese encephalitis vaccine etc.

We advise on the need for malaria prophylaxis depending on the country you are travelling to.

We can also provide you with children’s medications (to have on standby) that may be required for travel to countries and regions that may not have readily available medical care.

Adoption Assessments & Medical Examinations

We conduct medical examinations for adopted babies and children.

We also advise you on the necessary screening blood tests for infectious diseases. Some of these tests are required by different embassies prior to granting citizenship status.

There is a review of vaccine records and vaccinations done (if any) and advice on additional vaccines that may be required.

Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Dr Anita Menon has a subspecialty interest in paediatric infectious diseases.

We provide medical diagnosis and management of infections that are more prevalent in children eg. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), chickenpox, croup and acute diarrhoeal illnesses among others.

In addition, we also manage more severe and less common infections that may affect children such as dengue, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria etc.

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